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Mr. Marinator
Now you can marinate and tenderize your food easily in 15 minutes or less. Unlike conventional marinating where flavor barely penetrates the food surface no mattter how long you soak and how often you flip, Mr. Marinators vacuum action opens food pores to allow marinade to penetrate deeply, evenly and quickly. Its tumbling action massages the meat gently making the meat more tender and more succulent. Now you can enjoy flavorful meals anytime without stressful advanced planning and messy preparation.

Contents of Mr. Marinator
» 1 - Marinator
» 1 - Tumbler

  • Marinates and tenerizes meat so it’s as tasty and flavorful as
    meals found in the finest restaurants

  • Takes only 15 minutes or less so there’s no need to pre-plan
    or prepare hours or even days ahead

  • Vacuum-action opens meat pores for deeper, faster and more
    even penetration of marinade

  • Tumbling-action massages your meat gently, making your
    meats tender and more succulent

  • No messy soaking and immersion necessary; it requires less marinade so it saves you
    money too!

  • Large 7 pound capacity marinating barrel that is also dishwasher safe.

  • Ideal for marinating steaks, chops, ribs, poultry, seafood and veggies fast!
  • Mr. Marinator Demo Video

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    It’s Versatile! It’s a complete vacuum food Storage System too!

    It can also be used with a wide selection of containers and freezer bags (sold separately) to
    vacuum pack food.