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Telephone Amplifiers Models UA-45 & UA-50
Patented technology allows it
to make virtually any telephone
200 times louder (45+dB
amplification), tone enhancement,
easy connection between handset
and base, headset connection
(model UA-50 only)
TV Wireless Listening Headset Model TV-95
The TV-95 is the best way to enjoy
TV without disturbing others. It
offers hi-fidelity premium sound
and optimum comfort at the most
affordable price.
Personal Amplifier & Listener Model DT-100
Hear clearly on one-to-one or group
conversations, regular and cell
phone calls, music from your iPod/
MP3 and from your loop system,
all totally hands-free; it rests
naturally and comfortably on your
Vibrating Alarm Clock Model VA-3
Powerful vibration sure to wake
up even the heaviest sleepers
in silence; selectable vibration,
audio and flasher alarm modes,
built-in flash light and thermometer
for extra convenience, cool
and attractive styling, totally
ReNew Hearing Aid Dryer & Freshener
Using gentle dry heat (no
chemicals or desiccants needed) to
remove moisture and condensate,
UV light to inhibit bacteria growth,
easy to operate even for those
with severe arthritis, light weight &
Hearing Aid Vacuum Cleaner
The vacuum gently removes
moisture and ear-wax build-up
inside and outside of your hearing
aids. Now hearing is clear anytime
anywhere, no more muffled sound.
No more unnecessary trips to your
dispensers to clean your hearing